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Natsuki Andou (voiced by Ibuki Kido) is a main character in Chronicles of the Going Home Club.


Natsuki is a logical thinking girl, and perhaps the only sane member of the Going-Home Club.  But while she is more logical then the others, she tends to join the activities the other members start.  She also acts goofy every now and again, while it is rare to see, as demonstrated when she was "Taunting" her brother with a Popsicle which he showed no interest it.  Whenever there is a hole in another member's logic or thought process, she will immediately point it out, most commonly in a voice bubble that shows her cowlick more then her face itself. Like everyone else in the show, she is shown to commonly break the forth wall.


She is shown to be good friends with the other members of the Going-Home Club, despite the fact that she has trouble baring their logic behind their actions.

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